J-WOMAN Magazine may be downloaded for ipod viewing,
installed as an interactive kiosk. <--- as pictured to the left
or screened as a linear film.

Total Running Time in Linear format is 40 minutes.

If installed, there is very little tech needed. "plug and play"

40 lbs. Total Shipping weight.

Featured in this month’s issue:

The Sex Article –
“Why Won’t Cindy Suck Cock?”

The Tale of Confession –
“Frances and the Fireman”

The New Disorder You Never Knew You Had Expose –

The Quiz  –
“Do You Love Your Breasts?”

The Quick Fix Way to Improve Your Life Endorsement –
“No, I’m not gonna call the TV Show Cheaters.

Spring Screenings

April 1
Interactive Digital
Environments and
Storytelling Festival

April 3-8
Emerging Codes of the Digital Exhibition

May 18-21
her shorts:
women's international
video festival

Next Issue:

Happily Ever After?

That Slut Next Door

The Serial Monogamist

The Divorcee

A Lonely Bride